Code: Island Attackers
Team Name Code: Island Attackers
Leader Magna Centipede
Members Centipede, Gator, Moth, Sponge, Ostrich, Stag, Crab, Snail
HQ Whale King

Code: Island Attackers is the official Mega Man X2 Team. The original site went live on July 5th, 2004. Since then, the Island Attackers, led by Rebel, have had many adventures and currently are working on the fourth "series" of their adventures. Their original slogan was "The 'official' Mega Man X2 Team", used from 2004 to 2006, followed by "Rawking the night away since 2004!" from 2007 to mid 2008, to their current slogan, "Beating up the X-Hunters since 2004!".

Although not the first X2 Team, it is the longest running

to date.

Cast ListEdit

The current full cast, as seen on the Island Attacker site!

The AttackersEdit

The current main cast of Code: Island Attackers!

  • Magna Centipede/Rebel40000
  • Wheel Gator/Outlaw88
  • Morph Moth/Avi
  • Wire Sponge/-Majin-
  • Overdrive Ostrich/Shadowstrike
  • Flame Stag/Metabad
  • Bubble Crab/Dark Knight
  • Crystal Snail/Sean

The VillainsEdit

The guys that either just get in the way or actually pose a threat to the Island Attackers!

  • The New X-Hunters (Serges, Balrog, Misery)
  • Agile
  • Violen
  • Donald Trump
  • Frankenploid
  • Anti-Majin
  • Ryouga Hibiki
  • Yuber
  • Oreo Bros.
  • Barbamon
  • Lilithmon
  • Leviamon
  • The Rat
  • Dead Man
  • R.O.B.
  • Star Wolf (Wolf O Donnell, Leon Powalski, Pigma Dengar, Andrew Oikonny)
  • Bill Gates
  • Mewtwo
  • Snagglepuss
  • Zilla

Former MembersEdit

Those that somehow found their sanity and ran. That, or life just got in the way and they couldn't help as much as they wanted.

  • Wire Sponge/Ti-An
  • Overdrive Ostrich/GDT
  • Flame Stag/Ghaleonx5z
  • Crystal Snail/Deathtuna
  • Bubble Crab/ProtoBassX
  • Morph Moth/Void Darkheart

Supporting CastEdit

While there have been many cameos, none of the other characters have been seen in more than one or two epilogues. Well, save for the crossover with the X1 Team, Alpha Movement, but that's a crossover, and thus, not applicable to the standard rules of engagement.


The bulk of the Island Attackers adventures!

Series 1: The BeginningEdit

Epilogue Title Written By Released
N/A Who We Are Rebel40000 July 8, 2004
1 Undercover Kicks Rebel40000 July 24, 2004
2 The Trump Card ProtoBassX August 5, 2004
3 The Bath Outlaw88 August 21, 2004
4 Destroying the Space Time Continuum (part 1) Rebel40000 Septermber 19, 2004
5 Destroying the Space Time Continuum (part 2) Rebel40000 November 1, 2004
6 Frankenploid Void Darkheart November 19, 2004
7 The Christmas Party GDT
December 28, 2004
8 TV Turmoil (part 1) Outlaw88 January 11, 2005
9 TV Turmoil (part 2) Outlaw88 February 2, 2005
10 This Ain't DBZ! Rebel40000 February 28, 2005
11 Training Bad Rebel40000 April 26, 2005
12 Game Over Rebel40000 June 24, 2005

The original series, the Island Attackers battle everyday villains such as the X-Hunters to prove their worth as heroes. Many other trademark villains appear here, such as Donald Trump, Frankenploid, and Anti-Majin. Among other events the CIA's first member, Ti-An, leaves the team and is replaced by Majin, along with a mysterious foreshadowing to future events...

Series 2: Into the UnknownEdit

Epilogue Title Written By Released
N/A Another Prologue Rebel40000 July 11, 2005
13 Trump's Purchase Shadowstrike September 29, 2005
14 The Really Effed Up Misadventure Team Collaboration December 23, 2005
15 Holiday Dinner at Alice's Restaurant Rebel40000
January 8, 2006
16 Opposite Day Outlaw88 July 16, 2006
17 S3Expo Void Darkheart October 28, 2006
18 Civic Duty Shadowstrike February 12, 2007
19 Dark Time Rebel40000 March 30, 2007
20 Beasts of Metal and Lightning Sean April 3, 2007
21 Dissed in the Digital World (part 1) Jade* April 3, 2007
22 Dissed in the Digital World (part 2) Rebel40000 April 16, 2007
23 Dissed in the Digital World (part 3) Dark Knight May 22, 2007
24 Dissed in the Digital World (part 4) Rebel40000 June 9, 2007
25 Dissed in the Digital World (part 5) Dark Knight July 24, 2007
26 Dissed in the Digital World (part 6) Rebel40000
August 8, 2007

Although it starts off similarly to Series 1, many things happen behind-the-scenes in Series 2, which comes out into the open halfway, known as the "Dark Epilogues". By the end of the series Anti-Majin, originally a minor character, teams up with Frank and a new guy named Ryouga and decimates the Island Attackers, who are force to regroup. The series itself ends with a SIX-PART CROSSOVER with Alpha Movement.

*These are not CIA members but rather on separate teams.

Series 3: War of the PastEdit

Epilogue Title Written By Released
N/A What in the World Happened? Rebel40000 August 21, 2007
27 Final Fiasco III Sean September 16, 2007
28 Bride of Frankenploid Void Darkheart October 17, 2007
29 Enter the Assassin Rebel40000 November 29, 2007
30 Sewer Freaks Dark Knight
November 29, 2007
31 The CIA Holiday Special! Outlaw88 December 25, 2007
32 The Nightmare After Christmas Rebel40000 January 11, 2008
33 The Good, the Bad and the Oogie Rebel40000 March 21, 2008
34 Why is My Car Now a Footprint? Sean
April 29, 2008
35 Metavania Rebel40000 May 27, 2008
36 Majin World Team Collaboration July 10, 2008
37 Dance of the Abyss (part 1) Rebel40000 July 24, 2008
38 Dance of the Abyss (part 2) Rebel40000 August 3, 2008

In this, the third of a so far unknown number of series, the Island Attackers are still in the midst of the "Dark Epilogues" and have to face off against Anti-Majin's forces, along with a collection of new villains. This series also formally introduces the CIA's new "Hyper Forms", powerful upgrades which alters the members' appearance and abilities. Concluding the series is a two-part epilogue, tying many loose ends together.

Series 4: No More ShadesEdit

Epilogue Title Written By Released
N/A Explainin' Things Rebel40000 September 8, 2008


Rampage of The Rat Outlaw88 September 28, 2008


New and Improved Rebel40000 October 8, 2008


Darkness Comes Rebel40000 October 31, 2008


Magical Mishap Sean November 17, 2008












Ashes to the Stars

A Night at the Movies

Captain's Orders

The Date

The Gates Are Now Open (Part 1)

The Gates Are Now Open (Part 2)

An Unlikely Trio

Back to School

Super Dispenser


The Immortal Evil












December 3, 2008

After the climatic Series 3, Series 4 reveals the consequences of the events that previously took place. Many new troubles arise due to the wonders of "cause and effect", such as the introduction of The Rat and his gang, along with the formation of the New X-Hunters. All of these schemes inevitably lead to Yuber as the root of it all...


Title Written By Released
Wheel Gator's Journal Outlaw88 June 21, 2006
Prelude to a Dark Time Shadowstrike February 12, 2007
Bohemian Rhapsody Rebel40000 May 22, 2007
Negated Sean October 6, 2007
Pancakes Void Darkheart October 17, 2007
Come Join Us Shadowstrike March 6, 2008
Legends of the Hidden Temple Shadowstrike September 28, 2008

Grouped together with the respective series they are released under, specials are exactly that: Works of fiction that do not fit with the epilogues but are still considered to be canon. The first was Wheel Gator's Journal, introduced back during the early stages of Series 2, and since then, more have been introduced. Currently, there have been a total of seven specials released, three for both Series 2 and 3, and one for Series 4.