iX, short for "Irregular X", is a crazed megalomaniacal copy of Megaman X that appears from time to time to antagonize the Alpha Movement and attempt to surpass X and become the strongest Reploid in existence.

Several years ago, iX was created by Dr. Doppler in a bid to copy Megaman X. He was thought to have been destroyed, but he later tuned out to be alive and well, and was taken in by Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire and received the powers of the Dark Side, greatly enhancing his own abilities.

He later appeared before the Alpha Movement. Beating them soundly, he declared that he would be the one to destroy the Mavericks and the Hunters. The Alpha Movement went to the remains of Dopplertown, hoping to find the Limited energy that had a shot of defeating him. After a battle against the Nightmare Police, they faced off with iX, eventually beating him and leaving him for dead.

iX was in fact, not dead, and gained himself another ally in Dr. Eggman. However, he was only using his services to acquire the power of the seven legendary Chaos Emeralds for himself. He succeeeded in betraying the doctor and used the Emeralds to transform into "Super iX". He was enormously powerful in this form, but was defeated by using the Master Emerald to cancel the power of the Chaos emeralds, sending iX and Eggman into a dimensional vortex.

The two surfaced in the Digital World, encountering the Demon Lords Barbamon, Leviamon, and Lilithmon, and assisted in re-collecting the Chaos Emeralds for their own desires. They later bailed when Barbamon used the Emeralds' power to evolve into the sundering GranDracmon.

Afterwards, iX assisted Eggman in constructing a new Death Egg, but it was immediately attacked by the Empire for its blatant copy off their trademark Death Star. Darth Vader himself appeared to challenge iX, who flaunted himself during the battle as being the Emperor's chosen successor. The Death Egg was ultimately destroyed, however iX survived the attack. His current whereabouts are unknown.