The Marauder is the Seven Mercenaries' base and battleship. Originally, it was Wily's last fortress in Megaman IV.


The Marauder's first incarnation.



Originally, the Marauder was one of Wily's bases. After his defeat, the ship was taken and rebuilt by the UN Army (or rather, the RPD).

The MercsEdit

During their first mission, the Seven Mercenaries seized the battleship and turned it into their own base. When they joined the Scissor Army, the Marauder received little to no upgrades, and became Captain Quint's personal HQ. It distinguished itself into blasting the great Zodiac and Sunstar's Fortress out of the sky at the beginning of the Business of War.

Later in the course of the War, it was used by Geminiman to assault Wily's Space Fortress. In the final assaults, a combined action from the Fatal Five and the Cosmic Gladiators took over the Marauder, which resulted in it being used against the Scissor Army.

After the War, it has been returned, along with its crew, to the Mercs.

Ship and crewEdit

Technical detailsEdit

  • The Marauder itself is about 400 meters long. It is weaponized with several cannon turrets, and smaller, Anti-Aircraft batteries are set on all its surface.

Two missile launchers are set under the front skull, seconding the Marauder's biggest trump : the Dies Irae. This weapon has yet to be used.

The battleship is also protected by large forcefields, truly making it a force to count with.

  • A good half of the Marauder is reserved to the Mercs' quarters. This includes free room for eventual guests.


The Marauder's crew is formed of regular Joes. They've been upgraded in terms of brains, and hold individual (yet simple) personalities.

The fighting half of the Crew is composed of heavier-armored Joes. They were specially designed to fight in battleships ; their weaponry includes short-range weapons (blasters, flamethrowers...), melee weapons and a particularly thick armor.


  • The Marauder is apparently based on Leiji Matsumoto's battleships, particularly the Arcadia and the Death Shadow. This is the main reason Hunter_Chameleon took it as the base for his Team.