Marl Duothimir is an alien from another dimension, or so he claims. No matter the case, however, he is certainly mysterious. Few have seen his true form, and he switches accents and personality traits so quickly that it's difficult to draw any clues. He is currently working for two teams, the Crimson Berzerkers and Aftermath.


"Could you repeat that, please?"


According to Marl, back in his home dimension he helped someone take over the world, and got none of the credit for it. Because of this, he joined a superhero team and freed it out of spite. Over the next few decades, he had many adventures, until a grave mistake on his part forced him to leave the team and wander the space/time continuum or something. Eventually, he arrived in the Teams Universe, where he quickly found work as Gravity Antonion of Copy Crisis. However, all was not well with the team, and infighting eventually broke it apart. Marl was among those from Copy Crisis to move on to the Crimson Berzerkers, as Crush Crawfish.

Whether Snakeman.EXE of Aftermath is actually Marl or just happens to have similarities is not yet determined.


Marl switches traits so quickly that it's nearly impossible to peg down a concrete personality. Even he isn't quite sure why he does this, but blames it on the fact that he is nearly 80 years old and going senile.

Crush CrawfishEdit

As Crush Crawfish, Marl is the Crimson Berzerkers' resident tank, dishing out as good as he gets. He enjoys 'wrasslin, and other manly things.


Snakeman.EXE is a relaxed, slightly lazy navi who talks like a stereotypical combination of a surfer and a stoner. Occasionally references his birthplace as a place in the Undernet called "Hippitopia". Whether or not he is actually Marl is unconfirmed.


  • Marl's true form supposedly has four disembodied hands and no legs, getting around by floating with immensely powerful telekinesis. This remains unconfirmed, however.