Megaman Team Member
Mohawk Man
Robot Name Optic Sunflower
Character Name Mohawk Man
Team Copy Crisis
Weapon Shining Ray

Optic Sunflower, AKA Mohawk Man, is a member of Copy Crisis. The Copy Chip he uses has effectively scrambled his mind, causing him to act highly irrational and random.


"Just like Maddox, only if he were a robot flower from Hell."


Crazy, spontaneous and incredibly random, Mohawk has a tendency to shout odd phrase at the most inappropriate of times, often for absolutely no reason, with no actual connection to the situation at hand. Mohawk is practically impossible to restrain, as his bizzare outbursts can freak out even the craziest of Reploids.


The BeginningEdit

The leafy maverick's abilities allowed me to morph and control energy, making him an excellent choice for overseeing the Cyber Training Terminals (the Troia Base) that train the new generation Reploids.

Sunflower Goes MaverickEdit

When he went Maverick, he cleaverly used the base's systems in an attempt to destroy the oppressive hunters. Some say that of all the Copy Mavericks, Optic Sunflower had the most unstable mind after going Maverick, and that he spoke as if delusional, and seemed to enjoy playing with the minds of others. The later is true for sure.

Mohawk AppearsEdit

After all that drama, he was rebuilt with the others for team Copy Crisis. The humans and Hunters cannot oppress them any longer, or so he believes.


  • Shining Ray: Sunflower charges up energy in his palm and releases it as a beam of light.
  • Ray Gun: Sunflower charges up energy and uses it to fire bursts of light rays.
  • Tenshouha: Also known as the "giant laser from space", this is probably Sunflower's most powerful ability (at least in this form). He charges up his enegery, then summons a big laser to strike in front of him.
  • Holographs: Sunflower, as an apparent "master of trickery", can create holographic clones of himself. They instantly vanish when hit, though, and are merely used as distractions.
  • Teleportation: Using a special blink device, Sunflower can teleport anywhere within about 10 feet.


  • Mohawk enjoys playing a game called "Drink the Stuff Under the Sink".

Drink the Stuff Under the SinkEdit

Exactly as it says. Mohawk, for some reason, enjoys this game, and has been known to drink lethal amounts of detergent and various other cleaning at a time with no ill effects whatsoever.