This is a list of the defunct / non canon Megaman Teams.  Most URLs won't work, but you might still be able to look some up on .  For the active teams see the Team List.

Classic SeriesEdit

Mega Man 1Edit

The Sinister Six

The Chibit Eight

  • A Powered Up team with .... Quickman instead of Bombman.  Why not?
  • I found this randomly on google one day and knew nothing of it before then.  Go figure.
  • The old URL - Currently frozen.
  • [1] Archived through WayBack. Not much content and here be broken images.

Mega Man 2Edit

The Dream Team

  • The first Mega Man 2 Team. Also the first team to go belly-up.
  • The old URL

The Megaman Super Site

  • The "MM2 Super Team" aspect of the site seems to have gone dead.
  • The old URL

Wily's Warriors


Mega Man 3Edit

The X-treme team aka The Elite Eight
  • That OTHER Megaman 3 team. Yeah ..... it's ..... them. *shudder* These guys sucked. Their racism (yes, RACISM, a Megaman page was actually racist) and unhealthy obsession with Gauntlet and the Mechanical Maniacs resulted in them being kicked out of the community. They have changed into a non-Megaman page since.
  • Eventually they were hacked. They started it.
  • - The original redirect.
  • - The main old URL
  • On Homestead
  • On Geocities (later hacked by Gauntlet)
  • On Geocities (again)
  • On Geocities (again)
  • On Brinkster

Gamma's Deciples

Mega Man 4Edit

Cossack's Creations
  • The first MM4 Team, led by Kirk aka Skullman. Some of the older teams usually refer to this team rather than Cossack's Comrades when featuring the Robot Masters from Mega Man 4 in their epilogues as they were contemporaries.  Dust tried to revive them, but failed.
  • Started by the origional Dustman.
  • The old URL
  • Their original URL
Cossack's Soldiers

Mega Man 5Edit

Darkman's Robot Warriors

  • The newer MM5 team. Now changed back to Starman's Moonbase.
  • Their Stoneman continued the team's epilogues himself on a solo site.
  • The old URL
  • - Stone's solo site
  • on Geocities

The Deception Force

  • A MM5 team that was a subsection of the White Tower. Couldn't decide if it wanted to stay a "team" page or not.
  • The old URL

Blue's Deciples (Take Two)

The Dark Dudes

  • A team of the Darkmen from MM5? People will do anything to be on a team, it seems…
  • The old URL

The Ascendant Androids

Mega Man 6Edit

The Robot Rebels

World's Strongest
The Great Eight
  • The one and only MM6 team!
  • Robot Rebels, World's Strongest, and the Great Eight all formed at the same time.  Hence the joke "the one and only MM6 team."
  • The old URL

Vertexes of the Meshed

X's Gladiators

Metallic Mercenaries

Armored Assassins

Mega Man 7Edit

Lethal 8

  • This MM team was off to a good start before they disbanded.
  • The old URL

The Deadly Eight

The Enigma Eight

Drastic Measures
Dm button new

Mega Man 8Edit

The Elite Eight #2
  • Former MM8 Team. Clownman changed it to a solo page, Clownman's circus.
  • The first Elite Eight was the name of the Xtreme Team before they dropped it. This one has nothing to do with them, they just liked the name.
  • The old URL

The Elite Eight #3

  • A MM8 team. Did not last long at all. Had no connection with the previous team.
  • The old URL

The Eighth Kingdom

  • Another MM8 team, but not a noticeable one by any means.
  • The old URL
The Robotic Raiders
  • A Megaman 8 team, their Astroman was the same as the Technological Tyrants!
  • The old URL

Titanium Titans

Mechanized Monsterz

  • The Monsterous Megaman 8 team, before they became "Gravy with no Z," the result of letting non-community members/RL friends on the team.
  • The old URL

Deep impact

Mega Man 9Edit

Chaos Crusaders

Mega Man 10Edit

Heavn's Hammarz aka Aggravated Assault

  • Created as a joke by members of the Mechanical Maniacs and various other in the community.
  • It was Rich's (Magnetman's) idea.
  • It lampooned many cliches found in MM teams.
  • The old URL

Mega Man & BassEdit

Elements of Doom aka The 6 Horsemen

Diabolical 6

The Legendary Eight

  • A subsite of Anime Extreme. The team aspect of this page seems dead. Hell, I don't even think these guys said hello to the rest of the teams.
  • The old URL

King's Knights

  • Another R&F team that never made any progress almost a year after forming.
  • The old URL
Technological Tyrants
  • Around for a very long time, but never updated after switching to a Flash site.  
  • The Tyrants was the fourth R&F team, but reformed later on.
  • Their leader, Naop, was featured on the Sinister Six a bit.
  • The old URL
  • On Geocities
  • On Angelfire

Mega Man & Bass 2Edit

The Time Trekkers

  • A team of misfits, the R&F Wonderswan team!
  • The old URL

Dimesional Destroyers

  • Disbanded before they could get a full roster!

Mega Man: The Wily WarsEdit

Terrible Trio

  • The Wily Wars team! (There was a Wily Wars team? Looks like....)
  • The old URL

Mega Man in Dr. Wily's RevengeEdit

Electric Guardians

  • The MM1 GB team. The first to form to be non-canon specifically.
  • The old URL

Mega Man V (Game Boy)Edit

Children of the Void

Cosmic Gladiators

Astrum Imperium v1 AKA Heavenly Bodies and CORONA

Misc. Mega Man bossesEdit

The Champions of Evil

  • Sunstar, Enker, and the other RM-type robots, including the Wily Wars robots. Kudos to Koddiss for trying to do something more original!
  • The old URL

Hi-Tech Expressions's PC Mega Man gamesEdit

D9 button
The Sinister Six AKA The Demonic 9

The Dark-Hunters

The Gila Gladiators

  • A Megaman PC and Megaman 3 PC Team. Went belly-up.
  • Turned into Beta Unknown.
  • Castala was their Wavegirl and was also Sunstar in Astrum Imperium in it's many incarnations.
  • The old URL

Beta Unkown

  • Spun out of Gila Gladiators with Wavegirl at the helm.  Went through many forums, but never got anywhere.
  • The old URL
  • Another URL

Rockman StrategyEdit

The Tantalizing Tacticians.

  • A very obscure team for a very obscure game.No known site.

Megaman X SeriesEdit

Mega Man XEdit

X-Hunter HQ aka The Three Team

  • Former MM3 team turned into a MMX1 team. Now it has bit the dust.
  • The old URL

X Team

  • Immediately after the X Hunter HQ fell, this MMX1 team replaced it. Progress stopped almost immediately.
  • The old URL

Maverick Hunter Unit X

Alpha Movement

Mega Man X2Edit

The X-Hunters

  • Once the MMX2 Team. Now an all-purpose video game page.
  • The old URL

X-Hunters #2

  • Unusual team with the combo of the three X-Hunters from MMX2.
  • No connection with the previous team.
  • The old URL
Code: Island Attackers
  • These guys lasted a long time and wound up hosting COSMOS and Drastic Measures.  They also started the second Megaman Teams United Forum.
  • The old URL
  • On Tripod

Mega Man X3Edit

Doppler's Minions

  • The MMX3 team. Reformed quite a few times.
  • The old URL

Rhino's Veterans

The Sultans of Smeg

  • This MMX3 team had a forum, but no actual site even a year after forming. They were dropped for a lack of activity.
  • The old URL

Crimson Berzerkers / Doppler's Denizens

Mega Man X4Edit

01 button

Mega Man X5Edit

Maverick Mayhem

  • A spin-off from the MM3 XT, this was a MMX5 team. They've never updated since forming, so........
  • The old URL
Horsemen of the Earth Crisis
  • After this MMX5 team went on hiatus for the third time, Makenshi (Spike Rosered, Waveman) decided to let it die rather than restart it again.
  • The old URL
Critical Mass

Mega Man X6Edit

The Authority

  • A MMX6 team headed under Blaze Phoenix. Headed under Magma Dragoon of the X-Force.
  • The Old URL

Reploid Rebellion

Mega Man X7Edit

Red Alert

Mega Man X8Edit

New Generation

Copy Crisis

  • A longer lasting X8 team, leader was Enigma!
  • Started this (very inactive) wiki.
  • Visit Copy Crisis

Orbital Odyessy

  • Just a joke team.  

Megaman Battle Network SeriesEdit

MegaMan: Battle Network 1Edit

Viral Infection

MegaMan: Battle Network 2Edit

Battle Net: The EXE Network

Navi Warefare

  • A very red website that just sorta stopped after it was made.
  • - The old URL
  • Actually on Geocities


MegaMan: Battle Network 4Edit

Darklight Mercenaries
  • Lasted for a longish time.
  • Had an interactive "Request board" where members of the team would "take jobs."
  • The old URL

MegaMan: Battle Network 5Edit

The Proto Hunters

The Battle Network 5 Team

  • Yes, that's what they called themselves!
  • This was totally overlooked in it's time!
  • The old URL

MegaMan: Battle Network 6Edit

Pentabulous Five

The Fabulous Falzar Five

Network TransmissionEdit

Lost in Transmission

Megaman Star ForceEdit

MegaMan: Star ForceEdit

  • Shared members with Code: Island Attackers and Drastic Measures.
  • Was subhosted by CIA.
  • The old URL

Megaman Legends SeriesEdit

Mega Man LegendsEdit

New Genesis

  • Formerly another EXE team, it later decided to become a MM Legends team. It never got off the ground, however.
  • The old URL

Megaman Zero SeriesEdit

Mega Man ZeroEdit

Zero Factor

  • The first Rockman Zero team. Based around all the bosses of Zero 1.
  • The old URL

The Cyber Elves

  • The second Rockman Zero team. In this one people joined as Cyber Elves (from Zero 1).
  • The old URL

Mega Man Zero 3Edit

Weil's Forces

Divine Judgment

  • As far as I can tell they never got a site up.



Megaman United

  • This is not to be confused with the Mega Man Teams United forum created by Rebel. All teams hung out at this page and some members from various teams were part of it's membership list, though now it is no longer an "official team" page and has been abandoned.
  • The old URL

The X-League

  • Based on all the SNES MMX games. Like the first Megaman United, but not as remembered.
  • [ - The old URL]

Megaman United #2

  • Created by Gauntlet out of the Mechanical Maniacs' forum, this was a merger of all the main teams of the time - the Mechs, the Sinister Six, the X-Force, Robotic Raider, Technological Tyrants, and Viral Infection.  It was meant to be based off the most successful feature of the first Megaman United - the forums.
  • The old URL
  • Another URL

Megaman Teams United

  • Made by Rebel of Code: Island Attackers.  This was like Gauntlet's Megaman United in that it was the main forum of several Megaman Teams.
  • The old URL