The Reploid Rebellion is a team based on the Mavericks of Megaman X6. The team was founded by Shift/Blaze Heatnix near the beginning of March '06. Currently, Season 1 is nearing completion.(Finally!)

Team RosterEdit

The RREdit

  • Blaze Heatnix - Shift
  • Blizzard Wolfang - Draconis
  • Metal Shark Player - Yami CJMErl
  • Commander Yammark - Jeremy Lehn/Stardust
  • Ground Scaravna - Nakori
  • Shield Shelly - Clair/Jet
  • Infinity Mijinion - Shade/REX Barron
  • Rainy Turtloid - dna446/Ignate Flare

Past MembersEdit

  • Ground Scaravich - Haukura/DrkElfX, Metalboy
  • Rainy Turtloid - Brick
  • Shield Sheldon - Jason (Mr. Fortune Cookie)
  • Infinity Mijinion - Skull/Fortitude Save


  • Gate
  • CJMErl (Yami's light alternate)
  • X (on some ocassions)
  • Zero (still a bishounen wannabe)


Nightmare ForceEdit

Eight reploids created by High Max to counter the Rebellion. Their bickering makes them easy prey. Suprisingly, their first battle with the Rebellion was decent. They may be more compotent then they appear.


Season 1Edit

  • 0 - The Team Begins
  • 1 - Exotic and Irrational Entertainment
  • 2 - Enter the Nightmare Force
  • 3 - Invasion Of the Mets
  • 4 - This Land Isn't Your Land, It's Our Land
  • 5 - Out with the Old, In with the New
  • 6 - Seven Below
  • 7 - Pink Lasers Aren't So Wimpy
  • 8 - Seen but Not Heard
  • 9 - All Your Video Games
  • 10 - "Total Pwnage"
  • 11 - Green Things from Beyond the Grave
  • 12 - Metools are Really a Tribe of Highly Advanced Pygmies

Other EpiloguesEdit

  • Wolfang Solo Ep - Search for A Comrade
  • Shark Player Solo Ep - A Player Walks Among j00
  • Halloween Ep - Van Dracling


  • Due to already being on the third person to hold the position of Ground Scaravich, the four remaining founding members (Shift, Yami, Draconis, Stardust) sometimes mention that the position is "cursed."
  • The Reploid Rebellion has shared a total of seven members— past and present— with the Cosmic Gladiators: Stardust (Commander Yanmark and Jupiter), Shift (Blaze Heatnix and Sunstar), Draconis (Blizzard Wolfang and Pluto), REX Barron (new Infinity Mijinion and Saturn), Metalboy (former Ground Scaravich and former Mars), Brick (former Rainy Turtloid and former Uranus), and Mr. Fortune Cookie (former Shield Sheldon and former Neptune).