Megaman Team Member
Robot Name Spade
Character Name Spade
Team Armored Assassins (villain)
Weapon Wrist Blades

Spade is an enemy of the Armored Assassins. A maniacal, cheerful jester with a knack for killing, his outrageous behaviour and unpredictability make him a deadly (and amusing) foe.



A performer at heart, Spade is obsessed with comedic theatre, stage magic, and gambling. He kills for fun and kills in a very dramatic way each time. He loves things that look flashy and each of his attacks fits accordingly. He's also fond of stage magic themed attacks, random but dangerous gags and props, and card themed attacks. He is very dramatic in everything he does, and has a tendency to laugh manically to himself when amused, which is often. Overall he is psychopathic, spastic, and dramatic, and cares nothing for anything save for amusing himself and, so he hopes, others. He has no true face to speak of, and changes his masks instantly to change "expressions" by obscuring his face for a breif moment with his hand or some other object.


Spade is an acrobat, so he is agile and nimble, and also has superior reflex speeds to aid with his circus acts. This makes him hard to make contact with. He also has very long reach with his limbs and is unnaturally flexible. He also has a talent for murder and gambling.

  • Wrist Blades: A pair of long, sharp blades that pop out of his forearms.
  • Playing Cards: Spade can shoot playing cards from his "sleeves" that do a variety of things, from being razor sharp to sticking to surfaces and exploding.
  • "Prestidigitation": Spade has a wide array of seemingly random 'magical' attacks. His arms and torso are full to bursting with digital and illusion equipment. His primary attack is creating a flashy-looking ball of energy in his palm and flinging it at opponents. He can also create illusionary images of himself, seem like he increases or decreases in size/length, and create small explosions. He also can do a large array of impressive, though useless, magic tricks.
  • Props: Spade can seemingly summon a large array of props from his sleeves, from knives to ribbon and confetti. Many of these objects are useless, but others have practical applications as well.
  • Master of the Stage: Spade will seemingly speak in one direction as if breaking the fourth wall (despite there being no audience). However, clapping, cheers, gasps, etc. will come from that direction as if there really was an audience. Also, he can "Kill the Lights" and darken everything, and call forth one or more "Spotlights" to the scene. It seems as though all of this is magical, and admittedly no one is quite sure how he pulls it off.


  • Spade is a community fan-favourite, and even has his own unofficial "Spade Fan-Club". So far, only Hunter Chameleon and Enigma are known to be members.