Time Trekkers INVERSED
The Time Trekkers INVERSED
Team Name Time Trekkers INVERSED
Leader Rockman Shadow
Members Rockman Shadow, Komuso Onna
The Time Trekkers INVERSED is a Mega Man & Bass 2 team and a alternative timeline counterpart to a older team of the same game. Created out of revenge by Rockman Shadow in his timeline for constantly being mistaken for Quint and after being abandoned by Dr. Wily for him. The team vows vengeance on Seven Mercenaries' Prime Timeline Quint. The team had officially made it's debut on 22 January, 2018. It's currently actively seeking members.


Team Roster Edit

Current Roster:

  • DTHVaren as Rockman Shadow
  • Castala as Komuso Onna

Story Edit


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first new team in a extremely long time after the Megaman Team scene faded away.
  • This is the one of the few teams to be counterparts of other teams.
  • Originally the team would've been the "Time Trekkers" until DTHVaren learned a team already existed under that name and came up with this team idea instead.